Take back the power with SOLAR.

We provide solar power solutions for commercialindustrial and residential customers

Solar Vantage - Hybrid, Grid-Tie and Off-Grid Solar Power solutions

The team at Solar Vantage provide quality solar power and energy solutions to our residential and commercial customers.

Our projects and expertise include:

 • Hybrid Solar

 • Grid-Tied Solar

 • Full Off-Grid Solar

 • Backup Power

 • Energy Consulting Services

 • Energy Efficiency Solutions

 • Energy Audits & Reporting

We operate throughout South Africa, as well as into Sub-Saharan Africa.

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Solar Projects


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We provide Solar Power solutions for:

 • Commercial and Industrial businesses

 • Game Lodges and Farms

 • High-End Residential homes

Email Us now so we can help you to:

 • Generate your own Solar Power

 • Reduce your Electricity Bill

 • Eliminate Load-Shedding

 • Get Off-The-Grid

We are different to many other solar companies for the following reasons:

Get the RIGHT solar solution!

Data Logging

We connect up Energy Data Loggers to correctly determine what your energy requirements are.

No guessing or "estimates" means that the right solar solution is configured and quoted for.

Certified Installers

All of our installers are Certified Solar Installers and are accredited by SAPVIA, as part of the PV GreenCard Solar Program.

We ensure Professional and Safe solar installations.

Quality Components

We recommend installing quality brands of Solar Panels, Solar Inverters and Lithium-Ion Batteries.


We also issue an Electrical COC for all our solar power installations.

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